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Ripples Mile-End : une deuxième crèmerie et autant de bonheur glacé

Ripples Mile-End – Après 35 ans de plaisir glacé sur le boulevard Saint-Laurent, Ripples ouvre une deuxième crémerie installée cette fois au coin des rues Jeanne-Mance et Saint-Viateur Ouest.

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Lesley Chesterman's 9 favourite Montreal ice cream shops

Since 1984, this superb ice cream boutique has been treating Montrealers to scrumptious ice creams with flavours like kulfi, black raspberry cheesecake, green tea and cappuccino chip, as well as my absolute favourite, the sublime chocolate 6X! Owner Richard Bernett makes 30 varieties of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet on the premises in his tiny, 300-square-foot store. The ice creams are rich and creamy, and his flavour choices are always enticing, with new ones always on the horizon.

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Ice cream hot spots in Montreal: Cool ways to indulge as the city heats up

Since 1984, they’ve churned out reliably wonderful ice cream, with flavours like kulfi (cardamom and cashew) and my fave, fenni rose with rose oil and candy-coated fennel seeds. True to the party rep of the Main, rum appears in rum raisin, mojito sorbet and baby monkey sorbet. It’s like a bar and a parlour in one!

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