At the young age of 23, Richard Bernett began experimenting with ice cream, a year later he opened Ripples.

Ripples Founder, Richard Bernett serving up Montreal's award winning, best chocolate ice cream

Montreal, QC

The Beginning


With no prior ice cream experience, and but a degree in refrigeration mechanics, Richard Bernett threw himself in to the ice cream world. His first year opening Ripples was not an easy one, with obstacles and curveballs around every corner. 

It didn't stop him, because Richard had a goal.


...which was to be Montreal's ice cream hotspot serving up the most unique flavours in the city including Kufli, Green Tea, and many more.

Montreal's Best Ice Cream being served by its founder, Richard Bernett

Montreal, QC

The First Venture


Richard's first batch of ice cream was created in an old wooden ice cream churn that he laboured over while watching television. Since sampling that first spoonful, Richard has expanded his ice cream collection to over 30 mouth-watering flavours of ice cream, sorbets, and frozen yogourts, including a French Vanilla ice cream that won the Montreal Gazette's Quest for the Best contest.


Montreal, QC

The one, the legendary.


Montrealers have grown to enjoy warm sunny days and summer nights by strolling along the Main with a scoop of Ripples creamy ice cream, delicious frozen yogourt, or thirst-quenching sorbet.

La Crème Glacée Supérieure de Montreal.