Ice HOT cream!
  • Montreal Gazette
  • 30 Jun 2012

Ripples is embarking on its 28th season of churning superb ice cream well-known to Montrealers who line up religiously at this tiny shop on The Main. Owner Richard Bernett makes all the ice cream and sorbet on site in a production facility behind this 300-square-foot store. The ice creams are luscious and his flavour choices are good fun, with a new one coming on the scene each year to replace one less popular. My one request: Please bring back the peach/Grand-Marnier! Number of flavours: 30. ■ Bestseller: chocolate 6X. ■ Also popular: kulfi, black rasp■ berry cheesecake, cappuccino chip.

Least popular: they say there

■ isn’t one. Price per cone: $3.27. ■ Amount produced weekly: ■ 2,000 litres.

The test

■ Vanilla: enticing “Jersey Cream” colour. Nice thick-’n-creamy texture. Wanted more vanilla flavour, though. 7/10

■ Chocolate: 6X chocolate – intense. Not too sweet. The definition of chocolatey. Extra boost of chocolate flavour from little chocolate chips. Yum! 9/10

Fun flavour: chocolate cheese

■ cake: tastes just like the real deal and includes pieces of cheesecake and small chips. Scrumptious and just a little piggy. 8/10